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From Those Trying & Using R/G Choices
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"...it's a wonderful site with lots of advice for kids with autism."

"new job! I would make picture (icon) schedules for EVERYTHING. There are several software programs to do this. Also, look at Red and Green Choices. com--it's a wonderful site with lots of advice for kids with autism. Also, I had individual folders with TO and DONE on each side, as well as a check off sheet. I taught the kids to shift their work from one side to the other and it helped with developing independence.

Kids really need to know about their schedule, and if there will be any change to it. You have to prepare them ahead of time. Also, have your administration tell you ahead of time about fire drills, tornado drills, etc., so you can warn the kids. Mine always freaked out during fire drills because the siren was so loud and irritating.

See if your district has professional development in this area.

Also, definitely decide on what behavior management system you will use.

I like your Jungle theme and think it's just right for your kids."

From:   http://www.proteacher.net/discussions/showthread.php?t=91012

"..for easy behavior contracts."

with using SRA Direct Instruction for reading, Touchpoints for math, and Empowering Writers for writing. Wilson Reading is also very good.

Also, I used Great Leaps reading and math. They are daily fluency practice done one on one, but only take a few minutes for each student. TAs and parents can be trained to do Great Leaps.

Accelerated Reader worked wonders for comprehension. Also, there is software called Study Island that was wonderful.

For the little kids, Earobics is good, as well as any of the phonemic awareness activities from Linguisystem. Both have websites.

Check out Wrightslaw website as well as Autism Intervention: Red and Green Choices website and InterventionCentral.org for easy behavior contracts.

From:  http://www.proteacher.net/discussions/showthread.php?p=566878

"...I find the focus on choices to be very effective."

A "choice board" of appropriate things to do is something we also use.  Have you ever heard of Green Choices and Red Choices? I use a variation of this in my classroom. Basically, the child or teacher can create a board/page that shows green (good) choices and red (bad) choices in different situations. This can be to varying degrees of reading abilities (visuals - photographs or line drawings up to written or typed words and stick figures). Samples of Red Choices Green Choices

You can also use a little tally mark system, red choices green choices, and earn marks on either side. As the previous poster mentioned, the "stress" of earning things can sometimes not work well for kids. Sometimes it can be a good motivator, and if it is used in a way that the child is trying to just do their best and not earn a certain amount in a defined period of time, that helps too.

I liked the red choices, green choices site.  She had some IEP goals that I added to my "IEP goal resources" collection.  We've been talking about good choices and bad choices a lot here at our house, and I find the focus on choices to be very effective.  I didn't think of calling them "red" and "green" choices, but it's a very good idea, because it avoids inadvertently stigmatizing the child for making a wrong choice ("I made a bad choice.  I must be bad").

From: http://www.autism-pdd.net/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=26816&PN=2&get=last


"His school has introduced "red choice/green choice" and we've implemented it at home. It works wonders!"

Over-Stim help/calming techniques
"My son has been CRAZY over-stimulated with the holidays. Numerous freakouts, either screaming or roaring, and then sometimes shutting down like he's deaf to it and lining up all his strips of toilet paper or something. It was suggested by his psychologist to have a calming object (ie. blankie or earplugs or something) when he gets overstimmed or starts melting down, but at the time I didn't think that was needed. And I can't drag his oversized fleece Spiderman blankie everywhere!
I was wanting my mom or cousin (master-sewers) to make him a red/green pillow. Red on one side and green on the other, like a punching pillow (little square). His school has introduced "red choice/green choice" and we've implemented it at home. It works wonders! You hold the red color in their face when they are melting and they usually snap out of it to make a "green" choice, or they go in time out until they can make a green choice, and you show them the green as their "reward".
However, I don't want him to think he's "bad" when he acts like this. I don't want to start calling his outbursts (for whatever reason) a "red choice" because he can't help it. It's overstimmed, sensory issues he has that triggers his OCDness or his meltdowns.
Are there any good books (I'm a CRAZY reader) on calming techniques for PDD, Asp, HFA, etc. Or any suggestions on something I can carry with us? I really want him to feel comfortable without "reprimanding" him."

From: http://www.autismspeaks.org/community/forums/showthread.php?t=4095

"It was helpful with Autism students."
red and green behavior system
"Anyone implementing the red and green behavior system for the whole class? How does it work out? What consequences do you have for red behavior?"

Here's a web site
"I have used this in the past. Since I teach high school MD students, some of it was hard to translate. It was helpful with Autism students."

From http://www.proteacher.net/discussions/showthread.php?t=64460

"I think it is a great idea..."

If you use the "Stay on the Green" system in your classroom (and even if you don't), check out this site! I think it is a great idea to use with our students! This page also has printables to use in the classroom.

From http://www.angelfire.com/pa5/as/clssrmmngmnt.html

"This child needs a behavior system that is highly structured..."

Autistic child in regular classroom - help!
"Please don't tell me what research says about mainstreaming the autistic student. I know. This child needs a behavior system that is highly structured and a much smaller student-to-teacher ratio. I feel like we are doing her a disservice.
What do you guys think I should do?"

Green and Red Choices
"This link will take you to an autistic intervention program.
There's some marvelous sites on the 'net that can give you a better perspective on the situation. From experience you must address the behaviors first - academics will naturally follow..."

From  http://www.proteacher.net/discussions/showthread.php?t=26824

"...I saw several ideas that we can use..."

Re: A Positive Behavioral Development Strategy for Students with Autism or Behavioral Predispositions

"I checked this out, looks great. Bookmarked it so I can go back and read it at regular speed when gfg goes to sleep tonight. I saw several ideas that we can use to encourage gfg at home and school.
Thanks so much for posting!"

From "Conduct Disorders" Forum


"...dedicated for ALL students with disabilities..."

On 9/27/06, AspieTeacher wrote:

...What is the child's official disabling condition? If he has autistic spectrum disorder, he will needs visual supports to help him understand what he needs to do. Have you tried "redandgreenchoices"? It's a great website dedicated for ALL students with disabliites and it allows them to make "choices" and it visually presents both  the positive and negative consequences that will occur for their choice. The website is http://www.redandgreenchoices.com Also, does this child have a visual schedule which helps him understand what is going on as well? If you feel that even a four year old is too strong for redirection, I would try some of the visual supports and document what you've attempted before the trigger starts as well. I would also talk to his parents to see what causes him to "trigger" as well if possible.

Troy in Downey, CA

From "Teachers Net" Forum
(this link may no longer be available)

"My behavior specialist loved them!"

thank you ellen. I printed out one of the red and green choices worksheet from the redandgreenchoices.com (thanks aspieteacher) website and made my own stick men green and bad choices and then drew pictures of the good and bad consequences. My behavior specialist loved them! The kids, well most of them, like them too!

Every morning I WANT to get up and go to school. This is a good sign right now!

From "A to Z Teacher Stuff" Forums

You are working with students with ED (emotional disturbance) and they need to be in charge of their own behavior."

"Behavior Management Plan for 3rd & 4th Combo Special Needs Class"
"This is my 2nd year teaching and Classroom Management has been my problem. I teach at a NPS for students with Emotional Disturbance, Behavior Problems, other Special Needs, and Learning Disabilities. I taught a 6th & 7th grade combo last year and this year I am teaching a 3rd & 4th grade combo. I only have 8 students...and max at 12! I have the "Caught Being Good" but I need something else...I tried points that counted towards "class store" it was a nightmare...but I am up for any suggestions!"

"Have you looked at http://www.redandgreenchoices.com? It's a great website that has visual cues for behavior choices and the best part, it puts the student in charge of making choices. I would also suggest that you look at your students individual IEP's and see if any have a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP). I would document and collect data DAILY for these students too. You are working with students with ED (emotional disturbance) and they need to be in charge of their own behavior. If you give them choices, they can't use the excuse "he/she made me do it, I wasn't in control of myself, ect!" I would also suggest the following book: Difficult to Teach, Difficult to Reach by Sylvia Rockwell. This is an EXCELLENT resource for teachers of students with severe behavior problems. I hope these suggestions are helpful."

Troy in Downey, Ca
AspieTeacher (I embrace my autism)

Taken From: http://forums.atozteacherstuff.com/showthread.php?t=23871


"...it works in any classroom..."

Teacher Tips: Red and Green Choices

I use red and green choices in my special education classroom, but it works in any classroom. We discuss how the children can make either a red choice or a green choice about a situation. Red is "Not a Good Friend Behavior," and green is "Good Friend Behavior." The visual helps all students recognize if they are making correct choices. I NEVER use the words good or bad. With my tough students, I make pictures of what is expected of them and outline in green. They earn points for their behavior. I do the same for red (talking out, running, etc.). Students like collecting green marks. They are rewarded for their green choices at the end of the week if they have more green than red. Believe me; they don't like getting red marks. This is also a good visual for the parents to see nightly how their child is behaving.
Little Elm

From "Teacher Action" From the Texas Federation of Teachers


"...you do not go around telling your child "no" or that they are wrong all day long. Instead you are explaining their choices..."


Hello LadyAlicia. I've been working with autistic children for just over 9 years now, and 5 of those years I was what you call a TSS. We call it Line Therapist in Wisconsin.

I hope that I can help you. I give the children that I work with 10, 5, and 1 minute warnings for transitions. If you haven't tried this, I find it very effective.

I also use red and green choice cards. You can find the program at www.redandgreenchoices.com. It's a nice program because you do not go around telling your child "no" or that they are wrong all day long. Instead you are explaining their choices: a green choice (good) has green consequences (good stuff, treats) and a red choice (not-so-good) has red consequences (not getting the good stuff).

You could use this for Cory by making a Green Choice card that has corresponding pictures above these words wich are set up like an equation:..."


"...a whole new way of being positive."

"I am a special education teacher who works with autistic students as well as some mentally challenged students.  I have read everything on your web site and have adapted some of it for my classroom.  I wanted to let you know how much it has helped each of my students.  They love it.  It has made major differences in their lives.  I even have a parent that uses it at home with much success.  If possible, I am going to see if there will be some way our special ed. director could have you come down and present a workshop for us.  Word got around fast that I was doing something that worked.  Several teachers have come by to see what the new "idea" was.  I told them to go to your web site and enjoy learning a whole new way of being positive.  I have taught for 31 years and oh how I wish I had have known about this back when I started.  This is great.  I am glad someone in the world is creative and on top of things. 

Thanks again for your ideas and I will see what I can do about getting you to Little Elm, Texas.

November 15, 2005

"...puts the student in control of the behavior."

Have you heard of red and green choices? It's a wonderful program that uses a visual behavior system that puts the student in control of the behavior. Ex: If I choose to sit on the floor than get up when i'm asked, I'll lose computer time,ect.
the website is http:www.redandgreenchoices.com
I hope this helps too.

Troy in Downey, CA

From "A to Z Teacher Stuff" Forums

"...it also provides clear, predictable and concrete expectations..."

Red and Green Choices
This website contains information on a program that is used with some students at Forest View. The program is a positive behavioral development strategy for students with autism or behavior disorders. It also provides clear, predictable and concrete expectations.

From "Mrs. Groh's Home Page"

Our discipline plan is based on "Kindercoins". Your child can earn and lose Kindercoins as a result of their actions. We like to use the terms red and green choices. Students are making green choices when they are following directions and respecting others. Red choices are made by not following the rules. Once or twice a month we will open the Kinderstore and students can purchase items using these Kindercoins.

From "The ABC's of Kindergarten"
Bellevue City Schools
Bellevue, Ohio

"Allow for choices..."

Strategies Cont'd
-Allow for choices
   -Younger children - teach Red and Green Choices
   -"You can work on this assignment now, or during lunch."

From "Behavioral Institute for Children and Adolescents"  (Shattuck)
Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation "He's Just Being Bad!"
Page 8

"...THE Model..."
OHHHH myyyyy Heavens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just found the Red and Green site and I am beside myself!!  I don't even know how I came upon it but I am more grateful than you can know.  I am in the midst of ending this year and planning a new program for my elementary of 850 students.  I am the behavior interventionist and the school needs a new program for dealing with the autism spectrum students and those with other issues.  I have been spending hours researching, planning trainings and trying to come up with THE model that I want to use, especially in the communication/social/emotional program I will be running in the morning...this is a fantastic program that just nails all of my philosophy...but with great clarification and visuals.
Thank you so much for your hard work!!"
Thank you,
Julie S.
Behavior Interventionist
G P Elementary
T School District
Washington State


"I'm considering red and green choices as a portion, if not the core, of our Schoolwide plan..."

Three teachers in my school are using red and green choices to a degree in my school. Trust is a major issue. Red and green choices from a trusted adult are less threatening than rewards and punishment. Parents here trust the school most when their children are successful with behavior and academics. We use the Response to Intervention model to meet the needs of all students and meet the mandates of NCLB and IDEA. Im considering red and green choices as a portion, if not the core, of our Schoolwide plan...

...If Red and Green Choices are being used for a few students or many students, I think it is important that all staff know the fundamentals of it (your 13 points). All staff end up coming in contact with the few or many students and consistency is necessary for their progress. The Response to Intervention model is so geared to the needs of students, as I think Red and Green Choices are. We do quite a bit of self-training here through study and powerpoint, which is why I ask about your presentations...."

"A third grade teacher in my school walks around with a digital camera, taking pictures of her class or individuals choosing green behaviors. She prints them out and labels them with red or green marker and posts them in the room. The entire class responds positively to this intervention."

"I know Green and Red Choices has a place at ______ Elementary. We will continues using the choices, monitoring its effect, and making modifications."

L Elementary School
P W Joint School District # 44



"...and have seen success already."
I recently ordered books and posters from you to compliment what I learned from your website. I have implemented it in a couple behavior intervention plans and have seen success already."

My elementary school has been shifting from a reward/punishment system to a teaching system in regards to behavior. We have more students than average with impulse control issues and the education approach is more effective."

Who is using the Red and Green Choices schoolwide and what success are they having? Do they implement it as the core or is it added on to other programs? What are the training opportunities..."

L Elementary School
P W Joint School District # 44




"...teachers find it works with ALL the students..."
"Thank you so much for the posters.  They WORK!  My classroom teachers find it works with ALL the students in their class because it focuses on good learning habits that apply for everyone. They like the walk, no touch, get in line, etc. with (the original) one.  ...I would like to buy some more for more of my gen. ed classes"

K. Lewis, MACCC-SP



Red and Green Choices for Older Students:
My students are ages 13-16.  I'm hoping I can apply some of your principles, even though they appear to be targeted toward younger children.  Do you think your ideas are applicable for older students?  They are working on pre-K to First grade level, but I try to make everything age-appropriate.

Jennifer J.

   "Are You Working?" and "When Someone Walks in the Room..."


Red and Green Choices To The Bus:
   Thank you for the red and green choices poster!  I was so excited to receive it!  I had also gotten the ASK newsletter. The times for the presentations were not listed, just the dates.  I will call Fisher-Titus to get that info as I'd really like to attend.
   Thank you again for all your help!! My little guy who has the occasional problem with not going to the bus, looks at the pictures for the bus that I downloaded from your website. I also have him choose something to take home overnight if he has had a green choice day (computer CD, book, etc) & show him that I will be giving it to his bus driver to give to him when he gets to the bus. So far both the pictures and the bus driver object are working!!
Thanks again!
Sue S.

Red and Green Choices
To The Bus / Regular Education Teacher
Hi Irene,
 That's so much for your response on the web about my bus question.  I copied and laminated the diagrams.  I even put a new goal about behavior on his IEP following your examples.  The problem I have is the carryover. I will work with him but the teacher told him she' decided a new approach- to ignore his behavior (crying) and to praise the other children for not crying.  I'm not sure what to do.  Should I continue to work on the red and green choices during therapy?  I feel I should, since we all agreed to have this on the IEP.  I can't force the teacher, as you said at the conference.  What do you think? Thanks again.  He's five yrs. old, not autistic, but cries alot, a the least little thing.

The Material Presented from "Red and Green Choices", Is Based Upon Irene's Own Behavioral Intervention Strategies, and What Types of Behavioral
and Academic Assistance Has Promoted Positive Outcomes With Her and Her Students When Applying Red and Green Choices Behavioral Principles & Philosophies

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