"Providing Clear, Concrete Visual Supports with Behavioral Development Strategies to Promote Independent Reasoning Skills"

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11 x 17  Inch  Full-Color
Red and Green Choices
$10.  each
Each Poster is Printed on 100 LB. Gloss Cover Stock with Durable High-Gloss UV Coating

Green (2003) "Red and Green Choices"  www.redandgreenchoices.com


Red and Green Choices
Classroom Expectations

Red and Green Choices
Teacher Expectations
Academic Behavior Support

Red and Green Choices
Calming Approaches
Behavior Support

designed for
intensive special needs classrooms,
younger students, and
integrated preschool programs,
students with behavioral concerns
designed for
the general education large
group academic environment
academic resource rooms
designed for
students with sensory,
self-regulatory, and
calming needs
behavioral concerns
Includes 12 green choices, and
their 12 red undesired opposite behavior

  pictures only, with no words,
so it is versatile for any room

you decide how to describe the photos, depending on individual students' language processing skills

use minimal language "no red down" or an entire conversation about the photos and classroom behavioral choice

you describe these behaviors: (L-R)
choosing red or green  / yelling
lying on the floor  / biting
crawling  /  running away
touching others  /  staying with the group
working  /  raising your hand
running out of the room  /  earning computer 
Includes 5 pictures & words:
do work
tell or ask
directions (yes, I will try...)

and their red opposite behavior
ignore listen
ignore work
tell or ask (complain)
ignore quiet
directions (no, I won't...)

bulleted descriptions of what that
red or green choice behavior means

example of first choice on poster:

            Listen                   Ignore Listen  
    ●eyes on teacher
       ●eyes off teacher
         ●lips still                   ● lips move

Includes 2 categories of choices
(instead of opposites)
promote being &
remaining calm through
the use of
materials & approaches:

green column-

cover ears (headphones)  /  jump (trampoline)
bounce (sensory ball)  /  chew my items
swing  / squeeze it (puddy, etc.)
relax (bean bag)  /  wear it (weighted things)

red column-

yell  / stomp
run away  / chew anything (glue, pencils)
hit  /  bite (self/others)
lie on floor  /   kick

click then print these "carry-along" or "desktop" charts to compliment each of the posters

Tape these to student areas: desks, folders, or in classroom doorways, or carry them along to promote "self-prompting" Red and Green Choices strategies. Review expectations before classroom entrance. Ensure student understanding through an "Explanation, Expectation, and Choice" Be sure the consequences meet the needs of the student, is it worth it to display green choice behaviors, and what will promote the future rate or probability of such behaviors? Remind them of their own behavioral expectations and their teachers' behavioral expectations by incorporating... "THINK GREEN"!
"Thank you so much for the posters.  They WORK!  My classroom teachers find it works with  ALL the students in their class because it focuses on good learning habits that apply for everyone.   They like the walk, no touch, get in line, etc. with (the original) one.    ....I would like to buy some more for more of my gen. ed classes"     from Kim L., MA CCC-SP
Special Education Teachers  /  Regular Education Teachers:
A great way to begin your system, or evolve your system.
And wonderful for letting your students, therapists, aides and parents know your classroom expectations.
Instead of repeating behavioral expectations - snap your finger & point to the poster.
Have students depend on the poster for visual support, instead of you, the special needs aide or the classroom aide.
Typically developing peers are sure to begin assisting their special needs peers,
(and themselves) when exact behavioral expectations are displayed in your room.

SLP's  -  OT's  -  PT's:
Put a poster in your therapy room or hallway table area, make it a consistent approach with the same behavioral expectations across different school environments.
As soon as the student enters your space - review the poster.
Give them a blank card for red (x's) and green marks (stars) or pictures.
Then when exiting, review the choices that were made to take back to the classroom for the teacher (designated adult) to review.
What will the student earn upon re-entrance into the classroom for a "green" (or mostly green) therapy session?
Draw a picture of it. 
Then make sure it goes home.
Ask parents to review school choices at home.

OT's  /  Special Education Teachers:
The "Calming Approaches" poster is ideal for integrating sensory materials and calming approaches into classrooms.
Provide exact expectations... instead of biting, chew your item, instead of stomping your feet, jump on the trampoline.

Special Education Supervisors  /  Administrators  /  School Counselors  /  Psychologists:
Need a unified approach across classrooms, schools, or districts?
Keep all staff headed in the same direction, with the same responses and intervention strategies across levels.

Preschool Teachers:
Start them young with the "Classroom Expectations" poster! (no words, just pictures)
This could also apply to very young students; typical and with special needs.
How many typical students come to preschool biting, yelling, crawling across the floor or touching others?
Have your classroom expectations ready for everybody; students, staff & parents.

Contact Irene

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