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"Niki's Next Grade"
Green, 2003


"Hitting is red. I already learned that.
Then I learned to stop."

Green (2003) © "Red and Green Choices"  www.redandgreenchoices.com


"Last year when the next grade came I made red choices. As soon as I got off the bus, I flinged my backpack in the air until it landed. I ran out of the classroom. I ran until I stopped. I wanted to go back to my last year's grade. Then I got red."

"Every night before bed I put a green "X" on the day. That means the day is over. The calendar has 12 squares left before that Wednesday. That one Wednesday square has 'SCHOOL STARTS' written in it. My mom wrote it with her green marker."

"I watched my mom walk over slow to me. I saw her lips together. I saw her eyes squeezed together at me. I was thinking while she was walking. I stopped stomping my feet. I stopped jumping up and down. I stopped thinking about flinging my towel in the air until it landed."

Taken from "Niki's Next Grade" Book Cover,

     "Niki is very uncomfortable and scared with the new next grade change. Sometimes Niki makes red school choices during the next grade change. Niki wants mom, dad, family, and teachers to be happy and proud. But Niki especially wants Mrs. Kriggs to be the proudest. Mrs. Kriggs is Niki's small group teacher. She showed Niki what red and green choices are. Niki learned it a long time ago. Niki is older now, and wants to make green school choices this time. Niki is being brave. Then Niki makes a plan. Niki makes a green school choice plan."

-Author, Green Irene

"I was very scared. I did not want new next grade teachers. I didn't want a new next grade desk. I didn't want anything new next grade nothing. But my mom and Mrs. Kriggs said everybody gets new next grade teachers and new next grade things. They said that's what happens when you go to the next grade."

"When I was littler at next grade orientation, I didn't like my new next grade desk. So I ran out of the room. I ran until I stopped. I ran all the way down the hall. I ran to my last year's grade homeroom. Then I lied on the floor and screamed by my last year's desk. My last year's desk did not have my name on it. It had a different name on it. Then I tore that name off and flinged it in the air until it landed... Then Mrs. Wilson told my mom to go and get Mrs. Kriggs. I know what that means. So I stood right up and waited by the door as green as I could until Mrs. Kriggs came. She said nothing, just snapped her finger and pointed. I walked to her room as green as I could and stood in the box as green as I could. I got red at next grade orientation."

"I can think of something since I'm older now. I am going to take care of going to the next grade on my own. I want to make green choices this time. I am going to be ok."

Taken from "Niki's Next Grade" Preface,

     "Mrs. Kriggs has been Niki’s designated adult for the past three years at school. She is the small group instruction resource room teacher who has students with mild, severe to explosive behavioral concerns. Mrs. Kriggs makes available supports and behavioral strategies for other teachers and her students in large group environments. Mrs. Kriggs also provides behavioral assistance for students in the community and home environments...

     Mrs. Kriggs has already established a positive behavioral relationship with Niki based upon the theory of behavioral trust. Niki has always had a very difficult time with the beginning of school years and especially the next grade. This is a natural occurring school process, which may claim nervousness in all children at one time or another. But Niki responds differently...

     Niki needs a lot of behavioral supports and adult guided red and green choice strategies during this time of transition and change. Niki is still developing positive behaviors to respond appropriately with changing grades. Niki does monitor school behaviors well through Mrs. Kriggs’ placement of red and green choice lists to encourage self-prompting. But the next grade will be very different...

     Niki’s mom has also developed a behavioral relationship with Niki. Niki has red and green home choices, too. Niki’s mom uses a lot of the same techniques as Mrs. Kriggs. Niki’s mom really sees the red and green working at home...

     Niki’s mom and Mrs. Kriggs have developed a behavioral relationship throughout the past three years. They stay in close contact and communication through Niki’s growing behavioral development and maturation process. Niki’s behavioral concerns change, and so do Mrs. Kriggs’ and mom’s red and green choice strategies...

     During Niki’s next grade transitions, Niki decides to try and manage the known behavioral concerns with the change. Niki knows how this big change feels, and wants to take care of it with no help. Niki is being very brave. Niki wants mom, dad, family and teachers to be proud. Niki especially wants Mrs. Kriggs to see the change, and for her to be the proudest."

-Author, Green Irene

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This could also lead to an eventual uncontrollable situation if ignored.

Try to intervene and provide explanations so students are aware of expectations.

Set high, reasonable, and achievable behavioral standards. Then expect the student to choose acceptable and tolerable green solutions to situations.

Practice! Practice!

Continue to monitor consequences. Is it STILL worth it to the student?

  Talk or Complain

I created an explanation similar to this for a high-functioning ASD student in third grade. Red complaining included phrases inappropriate for school ("I hate school!", "I won't do it!", etc.), after finding fault in unforeseeable circumstances in the large group classroom. The situations included taking a test, then having no time for a book, a sudden change, or disliking an assigned task.

The student needed assistance adapting to changing and somewhat unpredictable conditions within the school day. Or, at times the student needed to follow directions and complete assigned tasks when asked.

In this picture, I wanted him to "see" what 'red complaining' looked like, and how the other children are responding.

We always talk, write words, and draw possible acceptable and tolerable solutions to each and every situation as they occur, in green. We do the same for unacceptable and intolerable red responses to stimuli.  We practice situations in the resource room, and discuss the consequences to behavioral choices.

To make sure he knew what "complain" meant, we looked it up in the dictionary. Then he wrote down the definition and copied (in red) the aide's list of "red complain phrases". (I write down exact phrases students say during these times, to use later. I also direct my instructional aides to do the same. It is very easy to forget what EXACTLY was said.)

The student is well aware of what I do when 'red complain' happens. It was explained, expected, then chosen. He knows red complaining takes off five minutes of beloved computer time (high response item or natural reinforcer). But this red consequence needed to be practiced, and eventually accepted. For this student, when break-time comes, it is not fun to sit at his desk with nothing but the timer for five minutes - before going to the 'green choice computer'. The computer is his desired chosen end product, or result.

Materials: © & Logo is a ® TM of Green Irene:  Materials/Charts May Be Printed From WebSite
For Personal Use to Supplement An Individual's Red and Green Choices Behavioral Development Strategy

Make Your Own Chart - For Any Place -Like Niki's "Mom is Busy" Chart -"Yes - Green _____ Choices" and "NO - ____ Red Choices" - Fill In The Blanks!

Niki's "In The Hall" Red and Green Choices - Print The Sheet & Place in Different Classrooms - Carry a Card Each Time You Walk in the Hall So You Can Remember, Too!

Make Your Own List For School: "____'s Red and Green Choices in _____'s Room" - It Already Has a Few of Niki's Choices

Make Your Own "Daily Sheet Home" for School - Have Your Teacher or Parent Fill Out the Subjects or Your Schedule, Then the Teacher Can Write Every Green Choice You Made at School - Try to Get "All Green Days" Like Niki! Your Mom or Dad and Teacher Will Be So Proud!

Make Your Own "Sticker Chart" - Have an Adult Fill In Each Area with a Subject or Timeframe - Like 'Homeroom', 'Check-In' - Choose Green, and Put a Sticker in That Square! Choose Red and Get a Red X in That Square, Instead of a Sticker!

Make Your Own Red and Green Choices "On The Bus" Chart to Help You Remember Your Choices - Maybe You Can Earn A Sticker on Your Bus Chart Like Niki!


Copyright © 2004 Green Irene

The Material Presented from "Red and Green Choices", Is Based Upon Irene's Own Behavioral Intervention Strategies, and What Types of Behavioral
and Academic Assistance Has Promoted Positive Outcomes With Her and Her Students When Applying Red and Green Choices Behavioral Principles

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