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IEP Goal Writing: Elementary & High School
Incorporating Red and Green Choices Behavioral Strategies
Green (2003) "Red and Green Choices"  www.redandgreenchoices.com

I created this page because on n April 29, 2004 I received this E-mail message:
I have had the opportunity to hear your speech a couple different times
and I have purchased your books.  I like what I have read and seen.  I
will be working with a student next year that I feel would truly benefit
from this type of behavioral strategy and in writing his IEP I am
struggling with getting his goals and objectives written and wondered if
you would be so kind to send me some sample ideas?  Thank you for your
consideration. Diane B.
, from Willard"

My E-mail Response:

"For specific IEP student goals, it would depend upon the individual student, but you may consider something like the provided examples, while also considering the age and the ability level. The specific objectives are what led up to the student finally accomplishing the goal independently. I went through my records to find actual goals taken from IEP's throughout the years...."

The following IEP Goal samples are from various school years, beginning in May 2000. That is when I decided the specific techniques needed to be in writing for the school adults and parents involved with behavioral programs, so everybody was implementing the same expectations and program. My student needs and student populations changed every few years. These were for students in kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade, and those going into the fourth grade. Each student's expectations vary.

I write my goals very specific, so they may be observable and measurable by any observer. I use my "daily sheets home" and individual calendars for data collection.

Elementary Students:

May 2000:
Given adult prompts / reminders and appropriate materials, Co will monitor his own behavioral concerns by giving himself red or green behavioral coded numbers throughout the school day with 70% accuracy on five separate school days.

May 2001:
Given natural various situations at school, Co will decide for himself whether his choices are 'red' or 'green' and follow through with the appropriate 'green' school choice five times a school day.

Given natural situations during the school day, Ha will be given specific red and green behavioral choices from one specific adult, and decide to choose green over red l0x's per school day.

De will continue to monitor his own behavior throughout each school day with a teacher-made chart by marking red or green as directed and monitored by a adult with seventy percent accuracy.

Given various natural situations and the opportunity to make appropriate (green) school choices, Gr will independently manage his own behavioral concerns with adult supervision by making 'green' school choices as opposed to 'red' by charting his own concerns or items he feels he needs to improve with 70% accuracy on four consecutive school days.

May 2003:
Given red and green choices, Ni will comply with one designated adult's direction and choose green, and have "all green days", given appropriate sensory supports and predictable expectations, 70% of school days throughout the entire school year, except the first full 5 weeks to become familiar with the schedule and new expectations.

B will ask/receive any needed behavioral supports, sensory breaks, individual charts, lists and schedules, and visual supports through "red and green choices", social stories, or other means in order to adapt and function independently in the large group environment, while receiving "green" 95% of school days and "red" 5% of school days after the first month of school to become acclimated to the schedule/program.

Given red and green choices, An will comply with one designated adult's direction 70% of each school day.
a. will use visual cues and prompts to initiate positive behavioral strategies
b. will use visual cues and prompts to choose green school choices
c. will "do" green school choices
d. will participate in sensory motor strategies as needed to focus & maximize attention & learning)

High School Students:

March 2006:

Given specific explanations of expectations, An will receive a daily positive (green) mark for initially choosing compliant or appropriate or self-calming behaviors throughout the entire school day  80% of the days each month (September -April) with no adult prompts, no reminders and no assistance.

Given natural and manipulated instances to further develop his skills, Dar will receive a positive (green) mark on a daily chart 80% of the days each month (September-May) indicating an appropriate voice level throughout the entire school day (i.e. bus, hotel, restaurant, class, lab, hallway, cafeteria)

Dav will receive all positive marks on a daily self-check personal hygiene (self-care) chart 80% of the days each month during September to May.

Given specific single step directions from the special education teacher throughout the school day, J will begin and complete the directions upon the initial request to receive positive (green) marks on daily chart 80% of the days each month from October to April.

Copyright 2008 Green Irene

The Material Presented from "Red and Green Choices", Is Based Upon Irene's Own Behavioral Intervention Strategies, and What Types of Behavioral
and Academic Assistance Has Promoted Positive Outcomes With Her and Her Students When Applying Red and Green Choices Behavioral Principles

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Copyright 2009 Green Irene

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