"Providing Clear, Predictable and Concrete Behavioral Expectations & Consequences with Red and Green Choices Behavioral Principles & Elements"

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High School Materials
Printable Charts for Students in Upper
Elementary, Middle School or High School
Green (2003) "Red and Green Choices"  www.redandgreenchoices.com

This page was created from a presentation at the Lincoln Way SERRC in Canton, Ohio on
January 27, 2006. While most participants were in positions for younger preschool and elementary students,
a couple participants were at the high school level and wanted more information about Red and Green Choices for their students.
Behavior Intervention Forms/Ideas [July 2008]:
I assisted a student diagnosed with ED "Emotional Disturbance", formerly known as SBH "Severe
Behavior Handicap" (in Ohio) who needed additional supports to comply with his inclusive secondary environment:

These forms may be printed/duplicated:

Behavior Intervention Strategies: Level III Secondary - Initial Meeting

Behavior Intervention Strategies: Level III Secondary - Inventory I

Behavior Intervention Strategies: Level III Secondary - Summary/Plan

Also view "Forms" page
Individual Choices
Charts: Red Marks

Use this for exact predetermined consequences to behavioral choices.
0 Red Marks = ________
1 Red Marks = ________

I have students monitor their own behavior throughout the school day by writing in their own choices, counting their own red and green marks then reporting it at the end of the day.

For data collection and creating a baseline, I write the number of red marks for one specific behavior on a calendar chart. At the start of each month at school, I will go to this web-site and print out a calendar chart for collecting data from my "Daily Sheets Home" page.

Click for Blank Calendar Chart

Click for My Student's Example
Individual School Choices Review

This chart is used for a severe behavioral incident. It is to be signed by a guardian or support person at home and returned the next day. If this sheet is used and sent home, a phone call is made to the person receiving it.

Click for My Student's Example

Classroom Expectations
Tent Chart

Use this "tent" chart when beginning exact classroom expectations for all students. I folded it and set it on the students' tables, upon arriving the first day of school.

I used this for my high school students after coming from an elementary setting. I then realized each student was able to read the words, so I cut off the pictures.

Once students achieved these 3 classroom behavioral standards, I modified them to:
1.  Positive Comments
2.  Raise Hand
3.  Follow Directions
These three expectations covered everything for myself and a conducive classroom environment.

Click to View My Classroom Sample

Daily Sheet Home Sample

This is my daily sheet home for my high school class from grades "11 to 14". My students are on a block schedule, and participate in Hospitality community training sites.

Printable Blank Daily Sheet Home

Print then use this chart.

Individual Choices Cards

I mark these myself, or give the students the responsibility. While at school, I will go to this web-site and print out a calendar chart for collecting data from my "Daily Sheets Home" page. (See chart below for my students' samples.)
Click for Blank Calendar Chart


View My Classroom or Student Samples: Individual Choices Cards
Click to View Student Samples of...

A Student remembered an earlier situation, and made a sample chart for me to share:
Argue with a Student
Red Consequence: Red Mark on Daily Sheet Home
Green: At School
1. Walk Away
2. Tell Adult
Green Consequence: Green on Daily Sheet Home - He put a Green Check in this Column

At the high school level, I've switched from red and green markers to red and green gel pens.

This was the original intention of the chart: to collect data by counting the marks each day.

Student learning to say "what" or "excuse me" or "yes" when he hears his name...

instead of "HUH!"

It is not actually 50 green marks and 0 red marks- he made a sample chart for me and apparently wanted it to look very nice!.
The students' red consequence is a "Red Mark" on their Daily Sheet Home. This has become a very disliked and (learned) aversive stimulus.

This is a sample from a student choosing to ignore a direction from the classroom aide while on job-site.

She received a "red mark" that day, and decided to make this sample chart for me.


The Material Presented from "Red and Green Choices", Is Based Upon Irene's Own Behavioral Intervention Strategies, and What Types of Behavioral
and Academic Assistance Has Promoted Positive Outcomes With Her and Her Students When Applying Red and Green Choices Behavioral Principles

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Created 2/7/06
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