"Providing Clear, Concrete Visual Supports with Behavioral Development Strategies to Promote Independent Reasoning Skills"

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"Daily Sheets Home"
and Sticker Charts
Green (2003) "Red and Green Choices"  www.redandgreenchoices.com
Blank Daily Sheet Home (primary) Blank Daily Sheet Home (intermediate) NEW: Blank Daily Sheet Home (secondary)  Blank Calendar Chart
(all ages)
Blank Sticker Chart

Part 10 of "A Red and Green Choices Behavioral Stand' A 10 Part Plan to Developing a Specific Individual Approach" is Parental Communication... "Keep parents informed, use daily behavior sheets, charts...  Explain approach, send home all charts, lists used, or drawn that day" (p. 37)  


"Parents will most likely continue and reinforce Red and Green Choices at home. Sending home daily charts allows parents to be aware of the exact behaviors being displayed within the school environment...  It also provides opportunities for parents to review choices with their child when the demands of the school environment are not present." (p. 45)

Green (2003) "Red and Green Choices"  www.redandgreenchoices.com

Daily Materials Irene Made and Used for Students:

grade 2

grade 1

grade 3

grade 1

grade 1

grade 1

grade 1

grade 3
both students

grade 1 / 3

grade 1

grade 1 (both)

grade 3
The above is a mix of items used from the 1998-1999 school year, to the 2003-04 school year.

See the high school page for more blank printable charts.

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The Material Presented from "Red and Green Choices", Is Based Upon Irene's Own Behavioral Intervention Strategies, and What Types of Behavioral
and Academic Assistance Has Promoted Positive Outcomes With Her and Her Students When Applying Red and Green Choices Behavioral Principles

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