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Book References:
Green, I. (2003). Red and green choices: A positive behavioral development strategy for students with autism or behavioral
          predispositions. Huron, Ohio: author

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Green, I. (2003). Insert Web Page Title Ex. To The Bus. Retrieved Month, Date, Year, from "Red and Green Choices" A positive
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Part of the "Red and Green Choices" philosophy entails "setting high reasonable and achievable behavioral standards, then allowing students to choose acceptable and tolerable 'green' solutions to situations through attentive adult guided positive behavioral strategies" (Green, 2003).

Green (2003) states "students will gain respect for the behavioral process and realize that developing positive behaviors increases their adaptation skills. In other words, it makes their environment more predictable and easier for them to handle" (pg. 38).

Green (2003) believes in designating one person, referred to as the "designated adult" to begin the behavioral change process while specifying, "The student will need and want that one adult for behavioral guidance, assistance, respect and understanding. The student will rely on everything that adult has developed with them thus far. Meaning, the student has become familiar with the red and green strategies, expressions, tones, and so on, of that one adult. That adult becomes a static and concrete tool for that child to depend upon" (pg. 40).

Green (2003) believes students' behavior is 100% her responsibility, until she develops a reciprocal trustworthy relationship based on her principle of "behavioral trust". Green teaches students behavioral reasoning skills by allowing students to become attentive to their own behaviors, allowing success and reinforcing sequential behavioral steps.

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