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Adult Wording
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A concern about "the language" of Red and Green Choices
through the
'no red lips still' was brought to my attention.

bulletYou choose your own words.
bulletUse appropriate language based on student age, ability levels and language processing skills.
bulletThe "no red lips still" is only an example of what I've found to make the most sense for younger students with quite intensive behavioral predispositions, or on the autism spectrum displaying extensive inappropriate behavioral responses.

This example only simplified language for specific children, instead of engaging in unnecessary verbal or linguistic conversations which created overloading and overstimulating circumstances for students.

They became confused and frustrated.

When a student is ready for more language to process, it is used.
bulletAs a student becomes familiar with their expectations and choices, they will most likely receive a list of their
         "red choices"   and    "green choices".

Then the strategy will fade, once students begin to develop their own independent behavioral reasoning skills.


Consult with your SLP (speech and language pathologist) at your school.

Ask about appropriateness of language; what is enough and what is too much to cause overstimulation or confusion.

How much verbal information can this student process at a time?

As the "Thirteen Fundamentals" specifies, Red and Green Choices only states to use "Positive Adult Wording" through "Positive Opposites" - two behaviors which cannot occur at the same time.

Green (2003) "Red and Green Choices" TM www.redandgreenchoices.com


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