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Reference/Cite "Red and Green Choices"

Now 66 Free Printable Charts/Lists, with Supportive Intervention Readings Throughout the Web Pages

se as Core District or School-Wide Behavioral & Academic Approach for IDEA and NCLB Mandates & PBS Interventions

Need a "STRATEGY" to Implement PBIS "Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports" or Academic Interventions?

Autism-Asperger's Digest Magazine Featured Irene's Title Book in the May/June 2004 Edition

The British Good Autism Practice Journal comprised a "R/G Choices" book review in the October 2006 Edition (Volume 7.2)

Created  by  a  Multiple  Disabilities  Classroom  Teacher

R/G Choices Cited in the "Ziggurat Model: A Framework for Designing Comprehensive..."  The ZIGGURAT MODEL was the WINNER of the Autism Society of America's (ASA) 'Literary Work of the Year' in Education

autism intervention strategy behavior teaching books posters inclusion ODD ADHD Downs

A Positive Behavioral Development Strategy

for Students with Autism or Behavioral Predispositions

I am looking forward to an excellent "green" 2013-14 school year.

Red and Green Choices:  Principles to Effective Strategies-
bulletSet high, reasonable, & achievable behavioral standards
bulletAllow student to choose their own behavior (provide positive alternatives)
bulletSet high expectations
bulletAlways talk, write, draw pictures of possible "green" solutions to situations
bulletBreak down behaviors into their smallest sequential steps
bulletMake expectations predictable and clear
bulletRemain truthful, positive and supportive throughout the entire behavior change process

"Good Autism Practice" Journal   R/G Choices Book Review...  (click this)        "...it is refreshing to see something designed by a practitioner for those youngters with the most challenging behaviours."        "The information is accessible and easy to follow and put into practise."       "...can be adapted for various levels of ability..."      Click This Text to Read More...

Older Students: Younger Students:
Decision Making Visual- What Will Happen Next?

Sample Use:
-In the top black box, write or draw-out lunch time
-Then proceed with the student's green decisions (sit, quiet, raise hand...) and opposite red (behaviors) decisions
-End Result: List the consequences to their behavioral choices (social praise, tangible product)

 -What will increase the green decisions?
Bus Book

-Print off a Bus Book for each day
-Cut it in half, Assemble
-Draw the 2 Red and Green Choices on the left of each page
-Allow students to hold on the bus, or read, or talk about to an assisting adult

What will increase the green behaviors...
a sticker, verbal praise, holding a favorite item on the bus, a book on the bus...?

E-Mail from a School Principal:
"I recently ordered books and poster from you to compliment what I learned from your website. I have implemented it in a couple behavior intervention plans and have seen success already. My elementary school has been shifting from a reward/punishment system to a teaching system in regards to behavior. We have more students than average with impulse control issues and the education approach is more effective."

"Three teachers in my school are using red and green choices to a degree in my school. Trust is a major issue. Red and green choices from a trusted adult are less threatening than rewards and punishment. Parents here trust the school most when their children are successful with behavior and academics. We use the Response to Intervention model to meet the needs of all students and meet the mandates of NCLB and IDEA. Im considering red and green choices as a portion, if not the core, of our Schoolwide plan...

...If Red and Green Choices are being used for a few students or many students, I think it is important that all staff know the fundamentals of it (your 13 points). All staff end up coming in contact with the few or many students and consistency is necessary for their progress. The Response to Intervention model is so geared to the needs of students, as I think Red and Green Choices are. We do quite a bit of self-training here through study and powerpoint, which is why I ask about your presentations...."

"A third grade teacher in my school walks around with a digital camera, taking pictures of her class or individuals choosing green behaviors. She prints them out and labels them with red or green marker and posts them in the room. The entire class responds positively to this intervention."...

Green (2003) "Red and Green Choices"  www.redandgreenchoices.com


   Copyright 2009 Green Irene
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